We are the digital banking innovation hub.

We are the corporate venture arm and digital innovation hub of Banco Sabadell.


We lead the company’s strategic digital agenda. We ignite new digital businesses and existing ones. We execute strategic digital investments and acquisitions.


We have a wide knowledge on the digital ecosystem. We are a radar. We focus on new digital generations, new business models, and leading trends.


We back outstanding and talented companies, both through investments and acquisitions. We support worldwide startups through recognized third-party funds.

Business design

We develop digital businesses, products and services from scratch and accompany existing ones. We excel in contributing to a high-quality user experience.


We partner with leading initiatives in the startup ecosystem to create and deliver new digital solutions that boost innovation. Our background and skills join your mindset and push.

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International investments & acquisitions


Talented employees

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We are geographically agnostic. We facilitate the entry of companies into new markets, drive partnerships and introduce innovative models with the backing of our brand.



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