Latest works

We create new digital ventures, set digital strategic investments in leading companies and establish partnerships and alliances with startups and big corporates.


New data-driven digital ventures


We are defining new data-driven business models to offer a better experience to our current and future customers.

Digital identity and security solutions


We are working to ensure our customer’s identity and security in a increasingly digital context.

Service customization


We offer customized financial advices to our customers based on their spendings and location.

New interaction models

Digital ventureSpain

We are exploring new digital interaction models, such as artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, platforms and new digital customers.

Kelvin Retail

InnoCellsOther projects

Kelvin Retail is an online open platform which offers business and sole traders high value-added information about their business, their customers and their sector.

Kelvin Atlas


Kelvin Atlas is the first real-time Open Data portal in the Spanish financial sector. Its interactive map design allows to know in detail economic, commercial and touristic dynamics due to the anonymous and protected treatment of Big Data.

Open API


The API of Banco Sabadell gives access to some of the main functionalities and digital services at its clients disposal. Therefore, it allows third parties to develop their own apps and solutions.

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